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September 22, 2012

The Start of Fall

Looking around the Acreage today, the signs that it is now officially fall are every where. The leaves are all turning. A lot have fallen already

 The flower beds are looking pretty barren and bleak. The grass, however, will not need to be cut again! Yeah!
 Our catnip plant flowered for the first time since we got it. Pretty, but what do you use catnip for, anyway? We have no cats.
 If you look hard, there is the odd Icelandic poppy still blooming, but not many. They are a cold hardy plant!
 So, summer is gone! All that is left to say is "so long, Summer"
The End!


Alica said...

Leaves changing sure must be fall! In the midst of that hot miserable thing we called summer, it felt like it would never come. Bring it on! :)

Dar said...

LOL, nice end-ing!
Yes, the leaves are doing their thing, the air is crisp, at 5a.m. this morning, we had 1/2an inch of the white stuff...not ready.
I did bring in the rest of the pumpkins and yard-long beans into the barn. Now I can take my time finishing the harvest.
My daughter has to haul hay too for 4 horses, I wonder if she ever calculated? Hay Burners, is what my Dad called the horses but we still had 11 of them, plus cows and all the other farm animals. Growing up on the farm was wonderful, even tho there were always chores.
As for the use of the Catnip? Enjoyment, pure and simple enjoyment at the end of summer.

jean said...

Pretty good ending! Fall brings in such wonderful colors. Your photos show it.

Tombstone Livestock said...

I don't think I know of any one that will be sorry to see this summer end. Happy Fall Y'all.

Bernadine said...

Love the "ending" here! :-) Your fall colors are beautiful already. I love when things cool off and there's a little break from the stifling heat. Enjoy!

S. Etole said...

So many of the leaves here just dried up due to the heat this summer. Others are in their glory however.

joyce said...

Had to lol at your last pic. Yes, fall is in the air here too and the beds are looking similarly barren and bleak....good descriptive words.

Linda said...

Very nice! While catnip is a sort of aphrodisiac for cats (and since you don't have cats), it has a calming effect on humans. Perhaps some catnip tea in the evening? :)

Michelle said...

Looks like a beautiful start to the fall season.

Buttons said...

Love the end:)
Great shots I have no idea what to do with catnip without a cat:) B