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September 24, 2012

A Walk by the River

The Athabasca river flows through the Town of Whitecourt. It is a rugged river coming off the Columbia Icefield. When in full flood, it piles up trees, logs and bushes to amazing heights.
 The banks can be treacherous due to undermining. That's how all the trees get caught up in the current. There are all sorts of back eddies, some shallow and some deep. The sandbar has been swept clean this spring.
 My oldest son and I, a few years back, tossed a canoe in and did 25 miles in 3 hours with very little paddling. The trick is to stay in the blue water and out of the riffles, unless you want to get out and push. Being right off the ice cube, the river is very cold and should you go in, hypothermia is a real possibility. Having said that, if the river is low, in late summer, it is possible to swim in it, but not for long.
 Along the shore today, various birds are starting to flock together in anticipation of the southerly migration.


Alica said...

What a beautiful river, beautiful pics. It looks like that water would be really cold!

Crystal Mary said...

How beautiful and so serene. Who could live in the city after seeing this? Your canoe trip for three hours sounds heavenly.

Bernadine said...

Beautiful photos. Your canoe trip with you son sounds wonderful, especially with the river carrying you along. Mother Nature is incredible.

Bev said...

Beautiful river... I have never been further north than Morinville....and I've lived in Alberta all my life!!

C-ingspots said...

A beautiful river, but not one to underestimate, but rather best to always remain respectful of her power. That canoe trip sounds wonderful to me!!

joyce said...

I've always liked the way "Athabasca" rolls off the me weird if you will.