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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

September 20, 2012

Hay is In!

After 3 days of tough work, 300 bales of hay are in the hay shelter, or about to be tarped. It took a round trip of 82 km and three trips to get it. The picture below shows the horses eating their second last bundle from last year. Talk about going right to the wire! Note the empty hay shelter in the background.
The 18 foot trailer hauled by a Dodge 3500 made short work of it, once the hay was loaded.

 The largest load was 135 bales, piled 5 high. I gave up on that because heaving the bales up that high then climbing up to stack them was getting into the area of no return, and lots of sore shoulder muscles.
 It looks a lot better with 140 bales in the left side and 140 in the right. The stuff parked outside will be tarped and used first. If you are wondering about the two coloured roof, the supplier ran out of red shingles so I had to use grey on the right. Both shelters were built for less than $200 total for both.
The spillage from the trailer and from the ground was a big hit with the goils.

Boots stayed clear of the activities.

For those of you wondering about the cost of wintering over 3 horses in this part of Alberta, the 300 bales cost $5 each and weigh 55 pounds average. The diesel fuel cost another $80 to go get them. Fortunately, my friend loaned me his truck and trailer, and being retired, I work for free (cheap).

Tomorrow, I am going into town for  coffee with the folks, and then I AM GOING TO VEGETATE for at least one day!

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