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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

August 16, 2012

Bugs and Crops

 I found more of these caterpillars today. It's hard to tell which end is which, until you realize that part of the leaf is missing under the head. They are feeding on the Honey berry bushes. I will leave them be, unless they decide apple leaves are better.

 The hail storm missed us the other night and the apple crop is safe. I wish that I had recorded what type of apple trees these were, but I didn't. So far they are safe and starting to turn red.
Now, does anybody out in blog land have a recipe for apple sauce that doesn't use sugar? I was thinking of trying Stevia, but don't know if it would work.


TexWisGirl said...

i bet you could google up something.

those caterpillars are too cute. :)

joyce said...

Could you maybe use honey in place of the sugar?
Love those caterpillars, even though I have a major moth phobia.

Bernadine said...

No, sorry. I've never made applesauce. I agree with TexWesGirl, you should find one on the internet. Looks like you're in for a good apple crop.