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2. Things that don't move

July 8, 2012

Around Town

These are a few of the pictures taken today "Around the Town". Just 4 walking minutes from downtown Whitecourt is this little gem. The pond was made when the Millar Western sawmill was expanded and the property given to the town for a water park after the gravel was removed.

 Over the last few years a fountain was added. The town also stocks the pond with 1500 rainbow trout each year. The only stipulation is fishing must be done by a person under 12 accompanied by a parent or grandparent.
 On a hot summer day (like today @30C or 86F) a lot of people use it!
 There is a big pavilion to get out of the sun, and lots of shade trees.You can just see the gantry crane in the mill yard. You would never know otherwise that industry is so close.
I couldn't resist adding a shot of the youngest grand child " shooting the rapids"
 Kids on their rafts get caught in the back eddies, get run over,and run over others on their rafts.
 There is a lot of water going down each of the two slides.
 The end pool is where everybody meets, sometimes literally!

The geese are quite at home and this pair has hatched seven goslings, almost ready for flight.
 Along the walking trail, the town erected this pole for an osprey nest. They keep coming back year after year.
Besides all this there are several walking trails, an elaborate splash pool for the kiddies, and not so small kiddies. All in all, a very good use of our taxpayer monies. And, it's all free!

Hope everybody is staying cool!

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