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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

June 30, 2012

A Small Walk

After trimming up two horses, I decided to walk the fence line before turning them loose in the lower pasture. There is something wrong with this picture. Three horses, one lame from an abscess, two with freshly trimmed feet and out of business for a day, and here I am walking the fence line on foot 
 Boots was waiting patiently for the second victim, horse to get his share of toe candy and he lost it. Time for a quick power nap.
 I decided to see what new flowers were blooming this week. We call them wind flowers and I don't know their proper name. Did you notice the spider? Center flower at 3:00 O'clock
 The wild sweet peas are blooming.
 The honey suckles are still going strong.
 The wild rose, Alberta's flower is just starting.
 There are still some comfrey blooming
I cheated. This is one of Elaine's garden flowers.
 I found this lilac in the trees when we first moved onto the acreage and transplanted him. I guess that it qualifies as a wild lilac.
The horses ran all around the pasture, tasting each area for the best grass. Boots is in lurk mode again, behind the fence post. There were no wires down and no posts broken off.


TexWisGirl said...

does boots (and brooklyn) eat the hoof pieces? my dogs love 'em.

that first wildflower looks like fleabane, maybe. your blooms sure are pretty!

Alica said...

I think the wild rose is beautiful...kind of reminds me of a Clematis blossom.
I must not be very observant, or else very distracted lately...but I just noticed you changed the layout of your blog. I like it!!

Mary Ann said...

Send some of that lush grass down here, Ian... we are all brown and crunchy now!

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

I don't believe Boots could ever dream of another life except with horses : ) I saw the spider. The flowers are the colors. Everything looks wonderfully green. The lilac flowers look very similar to the starfruit flowers on our fruit tree. At first, I thought you were growing one until I read the caption.

Margaret said...

I like wild lilac ;) and the dog is hysterical... she is as hidden as the spider!