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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

February 7, 2012

Winter "Flowers"

 Some people get excited when the first spring flowers come out. We get to look at these flowers all winter long, generally they bloom every couple of weeks. Like most, they do not last long. The sun is an enemy, not a friend.
 It does make for some pretty scenery though. The temperature this morning was -20C (-4F) and the wind has changed to the north east. The moisture in the air was knocked out and we can expect a cold front and maybe some snow to wander through. Yeah, more time to play with the equipment.
 The neighbour's horses way over yonder do what horses do, eat and eat no matter what the weather is like.
Note the nicely ploughed driveway! The chains on the quad really work well and I can plough uphill and down with ease.

Life is really good on the Acreage!


Clint said...

Well, good for you. It is pretty. But poor poor pitiful me...we have had a very mild winter, only snow flurries here and there...and the temps have been in the 50s during most days. I feel cheated. This is unheard of.

We in the States don't mind sending lots of HOT AIR up north to you---why not send some of your cold air down here? :)

Karen said...

Your spring flowers are lovely. Great pictures! Your driveway looks great.

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful frost! yay for snow plowing!

Alica said...

I just love seeing pictures of that frost...we've barely even had light frost here this winter. Much as I'm a fair weather fan, I must admit that I miss the beauty of the snow. Sure is pretty!

luckybunny said...

Gorgeous, days like that are always the best part of winter, make it all seem worthwhile for the beauty :)

Encourage One Another said...

Brother Ian... your photos look fantastic!! They look like they belong on a calendar.

Terry said...

Next time our trees are covered with frost, I'll call it flowers.

Texan said...

It is pretty I agree, I will enjoy from your photos :O). brrrr

pilgrimscottage said...

So beautiful!! LOVE those trees.

peihome said...

Wow, beautiful. I love those winter days with blue skies and sun shining. Not the extreme temps, though!