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October 5, 2011

My Rant of the Month!

A Colorful Cartoon of a Belligerent Man Having a Temper Tantrum - Royalty Free Clipart PictureFor a while now, our electrical supplier has been announcing that our power rates are going to go up. What you say? 1 or 2 %..... No, 50% ! This is on top of the 20% already increased over the last year.

This was kind of expected when our Conservative government privatized the power industry. They said   that no this would never happen.

Now is this greed at its worst in the power companies?

They had a spokesperson on TV the other night that could not answer the question as to why it was going up. He said that it might be because of increased population, or maybe increased industrial demand or several other issues that I was too much in shock to remember. As far as I can tell the Alberta population has not increased by 70%, industry has not grown by that much, nor have the sum totals of all the lame possibilities  that he suggested. Personally, I would have fired the guy!

The issue that he did not mention was the possibility that the user population is paying for a proposed power line expansion.

What does this mean to this retired acreage owner?
First of all, the chickens have to go as we cannot afford to over winter them.
Second, the cost of produce is going to go up again. Have you priced a roast of beef, or a chicken in Alberta lately?
Third, this will definitely cause industry that is thinking of moving here to go elsewhere.
Fourth, it will accelerate inflation
Fifth, it is NOT the thing to do when we are on the verge of recession/depression.

Hint: When any government starts talking privatization, be prepared to come out swinging!

What about you? are you satisfied with  $12+ per gigajoule? Or in other words (English) prepared to take a 70% hike in your electricity cost? $12 is now, $18 is coming.

I would be interested in hearing your comments, as I am going to be writing the various levels of government this week and our new Premier Elect.


Farmchick said...

Well, I would not be happy about that kind of price hike. It is bad enough when prices go up, but that sounds ridiculous.

Mary said...

I thought that by privatizing, you would then encourage competition for that commodity. So, if it was indeed "privatized" who then hired this company? Was there a bidding process? Or perhaps, is there possible colusion (greasy palms)? Or, does this private company have a monopoly on the electricity? I'd be pissed if there wasn't any sort of public input on who would get the electric contract. Get off the grid, build wind or solar generated electricity. Or is that against the law too? It sounds like you got screwed. In Oregon and Washington we generate excess electricity through wind and hydroelectric dams that we then sell the excess to far reacing states, sometimes we even generate too much and have to shut the generators down, but the government still regulates how much we can be charged and is still managing to put it to the little guy (me), big time. I don't know what the answer is. Once more, I'm climbing down from my soap box, and wiping my brow, Sheesh!

peihome said...

That's a big hike, Ian.
I was trying to figure out ours in comparison. We're charged .1205/kwH.
1 gigajoule = 277 kwh
Surely 33 per gigajoule can't be right?
I know we have the most expensive hydro in Canada. Any experts out there that can confirm/deny my numbers? lol

Phillip said...

Back here in South Africa, every one's moaning about a 25% - 30% increase.

Anonymous said...

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Lloyd said...

Here in the U.S.A., Roseburg, Oregon, inflation and unemployment is so bad that folks are really having a hard time making ends meet. Of course the politicians are all doing well... the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. God bless, Lloyd

RonJoeWhite said...

Our new governor in California is about sign over 200 pieces of legislation into law. Has anyone every heard of the Boston Tea Party? Where is Arnold when we need him?