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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

July 8, 2011

More of Life on an Acreage

Our friends showed up with 4 teenage grand children, plus a teenage friend for the annual ride a horse on the acreage day. Busy? Exciting? You betcha! With only 3 horses, they were lined up and waiting for a turn. Each one seemed to prefer a particular horse. Here we have a sort of  horse race down the paddock. Who won? I think they all did! I had help hauling the saddles and tack, but I still didn't mention this activity to the Doctor today. Nor did I mention trimming some feet and running the chain saw!

The trip into Edmonton (twice) went well in spite of some torrential down pours. I took Elaine into the airport Thursday night, then went back into the city Friday morning, all in rain and high winds. She is off to Pennsylvania for 10 days.

The trip to University Hospital was productive. The X-Ray showed the bones to be healing well and I get to go without having the bones pinned. Yahooo! I get to wear the splint for another three weeks around the clock, then I can start taking it off in the daytime for another 3 weeks, with no heavy lifting allowed. I figure for doing the heavy work that needs to be done, I can slip it back on while doing it. After 6 weeks, I go back in for another X-ray  to see how its progressing.

What I learned from this:

1. When you have a possible dislocation, pull harder to reset it so that if any bones are broken they will realign.
2. Don't try out a strange (new) horse bareback the first time
3. Even when frozen, it hurts to have a thumb reset. (refer to #1)
4. Thumbs are useful for all sorts of things we take for granted every day.
5.People always want to shake your hand when it's in  a cast.
6. People look at you funny when you shake hands left handed.
7.If you talk nicely to the Doctor, he will comply with a request that allows you to hold the reins in a cast (splint)
8. It is possible to trim a horse while in  a splint (don't tell the Doc about that)
9.It is very difficult to use a steak knife left handed!
10. I don't bounce as well as I used to!
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