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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

June 11, 2011


 Well, we brought her home today! meet Blacky, Elaine's new horse. She is a 16 year old registered Morgan Mare with A beautiful tail that flows to the ground and a full mane and incredible forelock. Best of all, she is a very well behaved horse with a very smooth walk and trot.
She is coal black with no markings at all, except for a brand on her hip. She loaded well, was at home in the trailer and off loaded with no problems.Currently she is isolated from the other two and this will continue for a few days until she joins "the herd". There was a lot of neighing and positioning for about 2 minutes and then everybody settled down.

She has one habit that is dangerous at the moment, and that is refusing to give her hind feet for picking or farrier work. She tries to cow kick. In close, it's not a problem, but eventually, I will have to trim her feet. Fortunately there is a trick that I learned when taking the farrier course that works to cure this. I have used it on two other horses with a similar problem and had them giving their feet and standing for trimming in about 15 minutes. Hopefully it will work on her. It does not involve twitching, a process that I guess has a place, but not on this acreage!

 Expect more pictures as the process develops!

A great day to be on an Acreage!
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