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May 30, 2011

Frugal, In a Cheap Way

When it came to taking the old rail and A frame fence down, it came to me that there were a lot of good things in that fence, namely the 15 pounds of 8 inch spikes that I put in to make the fence about 7 years ago.

On closer investigation, it seems that only a light coating of rust was on them. This made them salvageable for some future project. They pounded out OK and the crow bar removed them without bending  many. A few smacks with the 2 pound ball peen hammer on the anvil corrected that issue.

Now, I need to start figuring on some inexpensive project that I can recycle those dudes into.

Certain people by the name of Elaine have called me a pack rat in the past ( plus a few other things alluding to cheap), but seriously, how could I just burn up these logs without doing a recovery attempt?

Just the other day, a friend was looking for some aluminum flashing. I know I had two partial rolls in the shed. When I went to retrieve them I found that I must have thrown them out when I cleaned out the shed last fall. Now, this is a prime reason, never to throw anything out, or to clean out a shed, for that matter.

My friend had to go and purchase enough for a small job.

Lesson learned: Never throw out anything, for you never know when you might find a need! All junk is potentially good stuff looking for a home!
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