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May 30, 2011

Frugal, In a Cheap Way

When it came to taking the old rail and A frame fence down, it came to me that there were a lot of good things in that fence, namely the 15 pounds of 8 inch spikes that I put in to make the fence about 7 years ago.

On closer investigation, it seems that only a light coating of rust was on them. This made them salvageable for some future project. They pounded out OK and the crow bar removed them without bending  many. A few smacks with the 2 pound ball peen hammer on the anvil corrected that issue.

Now, I need to start figuring on some inexpensive project that I can recycle those dudes into.

Certain people by the name of Elaine have called me a pack rat in the past ( plus a few other things alluding to cheap), but seriously, how could I just burn up these logs without doing a recovery attempt?

Just the other day, a friend was looking for some aluminum flashing. I know I had two partial rolls in the shed. When I went to retrieve them I found that I must have thrown them out when I cleaned out the shed last fall. Now, this is a prime reason, never to throw anything out, or to clean out a shed, for that matter.

My friend had to go and purchase enough for a small job.

Lesson learned: Never throw out anything, for you never know when you might find a need! All junk is potentially good stuff looking for a home!


texwisgirl said...

oh boy. 'collecting things' is okay as long as you keep them organized i guess. :) i'd have saved a lot of those nails too.

Debbie said...

I totally understand!! I seem to keep everything from decades ago just in case I might need it!!!!

Farmchick said...

I like to save things too. Never know when you will need it, plus it is better than throwing so much stuff away.

pilgrimscottage said...

My husband is always saving such things. They do come in handy and save money. That is true "recycling". Have a wonderful day.

Clint said...

Hi Ian. All I can say about this is that everytime I throw something away because I am convinced I will never need it, I soon DO need it. And everytime I save something because I know I will need it, I never do. Ha.

peihome said...

Martin would whole-heartedly agree with you! But I must admit, any time we throw something out, we WILL need it in the near future. It never fails!

Alica said...

Frugal is good...This sounds like my Dad! (and I hope he's up to the task of cleaning out his garage/barn some day! :) )