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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

May 27, 2011

Finally Getting Caught Up!

One of the BIG jobs this year was to replace the log rail fence in our riding paddock. The A frames had rotted away and most of the rails were no longer sound. What can you expect when you put a fence up in a hurry on the cheap 'cause you have acquired two horses and no place to put them? They served well for almost 7 years.

There is still a little cross bracing to do and a whole bunch of clean up! Fortunately I have two grand kids coming up tomorrow. Did I ever pass it on that I believe in child labour?

Hopefully they will be of more help than boots!


And Mrs.

After 4 days of rain and wet weather,  the wild Saskatoon trees are flowering. 

Now for the best part!

After about 3years (or more), I am getting a raise!
This means that I can socialize with my buddies over coffee at Timmie's without having to scrape up all the loose change in my sock drawers. I can now look up and around rather than keeping my eyes on the ground looking for pennies, or possibly even quarters!

Now this was interesting! I didn't have to kick my heels on the floor, blubber, or throw a tantrum, or heaven forbid, stomp out of the room. Elaine just said "OK".

I think the honey-do list might have grown, and I haven't realized yet just how much!

Now, instead of $10/week, I am up to $15 per week. I heard something about me not blowing it all at Timmie's. Elaine is right, I should patronize other watering holes , as a man of means should do. Sort of spread the wealth around a bit! Yes, maybe even flaunt it! (But in a humble way)

Life is Great on the Acreage!
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