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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

March 14, 2011

Warm Weather and Riding Again

It got to +5C (roughly 42F) today so I decided to get one of the three horses groomed, ridden and hoof trimmed. It was Great! After about 15 minutes of chasing Boom around my tiny, cleared out paddock, he quit, looked at me and mosied up. After tacking him up, I rode around the paddock for about 10 minutes, then headed down the road. He was compliant all the way.

An hours ride had Boom breaking a sweat, so it was back home to trim the feet. Again, he was excellent!

When I put him back into the field, he took two steps, flopped down and had a good snow roll. After getting up, he shook like a big dog ( a really big dog!) then proceeded to roll on the other side.

The next horse will be Tucker, tomorrow, then I will be done trimming feet for another 10 weeks. maybe by then, my back will have recovered. I am too tall to be a farrier.

The next 2 weeks are forecast to be just above freezing in the daytime and just below freezing at night. By the end of 2 weeks I hope that the horses (and me) will be back in summer riding shape.

Think warm, and keep the horse between you and the ground!
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texwisgirl said...

Way to go Boomer! Setting the bar quite high for the others! :)

Farmchick said...

Glad to hear that your weather is warming up. No horse between me and the ground...keeping my feet on it!

Jane said...

I take it you'all are enjoying a little pre spring weather,can't be long now.I imagine trimming hooves is hard work. Blessings jane


The photo looks great! Did you buy a new camera?

I take it that you don't want to do "horse feet trimming" as a side job for a little extra money this summer :-)

I hope your back feels better soon.


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Hooray for being back in the saddle!

IanH said...

Farmchick: If your feet are on the ground, you need a taller horse! :-)

Ron: Nope, no new camera. I never know what I got 'till I download the pictures to the computer

All: It is really good to be back riding again!

Crystal Mary said...

I understand it is so cold, BUT isn't the snow so picturesque.. I love the photos. What a great place to live. Does the horse have a blanket? and does he stay inside a barn? CM

covnitkepr1 said...

The best 18 months of my life was spent in Alaska. Snow, snow, and more snow.

I'd be there today if I hadn't promised that little girl I'd marry her. That was 45 years, 7 months, 3 weeks and 5 days ago. AIN"T LOVE GRAND?

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Ian, great to be back again and thanks for missing me, lovely to hear that.

Oh I'll bet you have a ball taking out the horses again to go for a ride. Do enjoy my friend. But watch the slippery hard snow paths.
Be well. D.

Cathy M. said...

I'm with Boom, after a long winter practically everything makes me break a sweat! Hope your back is on the mend.