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February 7, 2011

An Open Letter to Politicians

Once again the sabers are rattling, and it appears that we are heading for a spring election.

Now, what I am looking for in a politician is:

1. Someone with high moral and ethical standards that can serve as a role model for us and the future generation that may be voting for the first time.

2. Someone that will listen to the electorate and vote as they advise, NOT as the leader, or party whip dictates. This is a democracy, where representation is supposed to be by  the people.

3. Someone that will stand up for what is right, preferably in alignment with the Word of God.

4. A person that  will state what he is going to do for the good of the Country, Constituency, and individual

5. A person that can be distinctive in their goals to the end that they are different from their opponents.

6. Someone that will fight for the rights of a democratic country.

7. Someone that will go to bat for the little guy to the point of taking the power away from some parts of the civil service and getting back to responsible government.

8. Accountability for campaign promises.

What I am not interested in:
1. Name calling and opponent bashing. The party that does the least of this is likely going to get my vote this election. Watching would- be leaders trash talking, personally attacking, and disrespecting their opponents does not meet my criteria (see 1 to 8 above). I want to hear why YOU are best suited to being MY elected representative, NOT what a scumbag your opposition is.

2. Party policy. Democracy is based on representation by the people, and voting the party line and being punished for voting the way the constituency desires, is undemocratic and in effect is dictatorial.

3. More bureaucracy. When I lived in my home town there were something like 3 government agencies. When I left, there were 41.

4. More government regulation. At this time, the government is over regulating the individual.

5. Vague, wishy-washy promises. Tell me what your game plan is with clear, concise goals and objectives!

Please let me know if you can meet these criteria, and you likely will get my vote!

emails have gone out to:  Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Rob  Merrifield, Green party
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