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Two things that horses are scared about:

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2. Things that don't move

February 9, 2011

First Ride in February

Today, I cleaned up the paddock again and moved another 9 wheelbarrow loads to the compost pile. While I was doing this, Biz knocked over my rake, my pick, the wheelbarrow and the ramp. She was being very mischievious.

The temperature floated up to 0C today, so I thought "Here I am with a naughty horse, warm weather, so lets go for a ride".

She haltered OK, but had that look in her eye which said "You may want to rethink this idea. I am with my buddies, the sun is warm and I want to nap!"

I know that look . I walked her with halter and bridle on for about a mile while checking out her compliance. It seemed OK until I decided to mount up. No way was she going to stand beside a snowdrift while I climbed aboard. I am long past the days when I could jump up like the movie cowboys do, not that I ever could. Have you ever noticed how short those movie horses are? Ponies!

Eventually, I got on board. Biz was OK with that until I decided it was time to continue on. She wanted to go home! We had a little bareback rodeo going until she settled down. However, I now know what a turkey wish bone feels like! After her hissy fit, she settled down. Next time, the saddle is going on! It's easier on the old body. (Note to self: Cut that out, those are old thoughts!)

Boots fared well. Brooklynn on the other hand, hit the driveway, both ends at the same time, and went to sleep.

Tomorrow, if I can still walk, I will try the same thing with Tucker, with saddle!

Horse treats all around!
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