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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

February 9, 2011

First Ride in February

Today, I cleaned up the paddock again and moved another 9 wheelbarrow loads to the compost pile. While I was doing this, Biz knocked over my rake, my pick, the wheelbarrow and the ramp. She was being very mischievious.

The temperature floated up to 0C today, so I thought "Here I am with a naughty horse, warm weather, so lets go for a ride".

She haltered OK, but had that look in her eye which said "You may want to rethink this idea. I am with my buddies, the sun is warm and I want to nap!"

I know that look . I walked her with halter and bridle on for about a mile while checking out her compliance. It seemed OK until I decided to mount up. No way was she going to stand beside a snowdrift while I climbed aboard. I am long past the days when I could jump up like the movie cowboys do, not that I ever could. Have you ever noticed how short those movie horses are? Ponies!

Eventually, I got on board. Biz was OK with that until I decided it was time to continue on. She wanted to go home! We had a little bareback rodeo going until she settled down. However, I now know what a turkey wish bone feels like! After her hissy fit, she settled down. Next time, the saddle is going on! It's easier on the old body. (Note to self: Cut that out, those are old thoughts!)

Boots fared well. Brooklynn on the other hand, hit the driveway, both ends at the same time, and went to sleep.

Tomorrow, if I can still walk, I will try the same thing with Tucker, with saddle!

Horse treats all around!
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Gail said...

Glad you stayed on, I would have been gone.

texwisgirl said...

"Warm weather"! UGH! Glad you got out to enjoy it (after chores, of course.) Cute horse! I can just see them causing you problems...

peihome said...

lol, you're a brave man, Ian.

Worst fall I had was bareback, when I was young and resilient - I'd hate to repeat that one now!

Good for you for getting out, though!

Child of God said...

Hahaha, glad you stayed on. I have seen that look before and that is when I take out the lunge line and make them work for a bit. But saying that will all that snow around it could have been a soft fall. :)


Rebecca said...

My father is a retired veterinarian and your blog made me smile.. Horses were about the only thing that I ever saw him show any sign of fear. I think that he had been kicked a few too many times! I love your quote about the two things that scare horses..things that move and things that don't move..ha! I enjoyed your story and look forward to reading more!

li said...

I had to laugh when I saw the look on her face you captured in your photo. :0

Farmchick said...

This does not sound like warm weather to me! Glad you stayed on!

Cathy M. said...

Glad you kept your seat! Biz needs lots of attention, doesn't he?


I'll bet I could ride that horse! After all I watched John Wayne ride a lot of horses in the movies :-)

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Ian,
Well, it sounds like the weather there is getting a little warmer and better now.
Your grandchildren are beautiful. Wooowww!!
Your horses must be so happy when it is about time for you to give them a good ride.
You mentioned in this post that your dog, "Boots" fared well. What does it mean??...
I could not fully understand what you mean about that. Is Boots OK?? Is still Boots with you in your home?? or Did Boots leave?? or Did Boots pass away?? I follow your blog, so I would like to know if all of you are doing OK, including "Boots". The followers of your blog usually read your stories on daily basis, because we care. So, it will be very nice of you telling us the tale about your dog, Boots, if he is still around. Will you take some new pictures of Boots and post it, if he is OK??...
You may also send me your comment, including the answers of my questions in my last poem posted in my poetry corner. Ian, I shall appreciate your kindness in telling me what happened to your dog, "Boots." You may get surprised about how much I care!!...
God may bless you all!! Take care of yourself,
Starry Dawn.