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2. Things that don't move

January 20, 2011

A Warm Day Brings Out the Puppy in Most Dogs

Boots and Brooklynn amused themselves for several hours, playing in the +3C (36F) weather.
 Lots of teeth and growling, but just good natured fun, if you are a dog.
No biting lips!

I said "No biting lips!"

I warned you!
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peihome said...

+3 degrees = how delightful!

We need to get a friend for Ruby - she has such fun when she meets another dog.

Endless entertainment watching them play!

texwisgirl said...

Love it!!! Wonderful, joy-filled day, I'm sure!

Melodie said...

They look like they are having a great doggy time!

Farmchick said...

Looks much like my dogs!

Karen said... daughter has three dogs and they play like that, only not in snow. :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh how I love to see dogs play like this.
Have fun with spring on your doorstep.
Hugs D.


36 degrees is warm! If those were California dogs they would be howling and crying to get in the house and lie down by the fireplace. Just like most people in my state, dogs are sissies too!

Most everyone around here is a big sissie...with the exception of me of course. It's common knowledge that Old Geezers are tough! I sure hope Mrs. Geezer put out my warm jammies for tonight, I heard the temp was dropping down to the low 50s! :-)

Rising Rainbow said...

WE get a little lip biting here from time to time. Having a boxer, I think OMG those suckers are gonna get ripped off. Soft fleshy parts just should not be fair game.

Crystal Mary said...

These dogs are so beautiful and I know they are also great dogs. The photos are very pretty with the white snow background. Many photographers put up a white background to get snaps like this.. Have you ever enlarged to display on the wall? The are good enough..
God Bless friend.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Ian,
I am glad to see you back!!
Thank you for sharing your awesome life and pictures with the world!!
Thank you for reading my poetry and saying nice things about it!! I am glad you like my poems.
Well, I must say something about your dogs and horses. They are very beautiful. Please, take good care of them. Poor Boots was hit many times by your horses. Do not let that to happen again, Ian!! Boots may get badly hurt by a horse. Boots looks so sweet and gentle, his wound needs to be taken care by a Veterinarian, I think. Dogs should not get too closed to the horses, because they could kick prettly badly. I am sure you are a lovely gentleman, and I know you do not want to lose your dogs. The kick of a horse could kill anybody. I know that. Horses are strong animals. I love all animals anyway. Tell Boots to stay away from the horses. Take good care of yourself and all your beloved ones, Ian. I am glad to see you posting back again. It looks pretty cold in your corner of the world. Please, keep warm.
God bless you all!! All the Best,