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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 18, 2011


We are coming out of the abnormal temperatures, and the sun was actually shining today! Yesterday was spent taking the super load of snow off the roofs of the outbuildings. It was about 4 feet deep in places.

The chicken coop and hay shelter weathered the storm OK. I guess my building style was OK after all.

The fields are now belly deep on the horses and they aren't moving around much. The next 5 days are forecast to be around 0C (32F) so I intend to give a couple of them a good work out.

Boots' dog house is pretty cosy now with wall to wall insulation on the outside. I haven't shovelled him out, but with his build, he is kind of like a snow plow.

Speaking of Boots, here he is catching some rays. Whatever happened to horse herder on duty?

Right now, the shovelling is mostly done , other than a few trails to where I need to go. Apparently, La Nina is forecast again for next year and probably the year after, so, we have a new, heavy duty snowblower coming next week. The driveway is beyond anything that a quad can handle, and I am running out of places to push the snow with the snow float. For the first time in 8 years up here , I put the red flag out at the start of the driveway signalling the County to plow and wing back my driveway. It may be a few days before they get to it as they still don't have our County road, or subdivision plowed.

Thank God for 4 wheel drive trucks. I had to go to Mayerthorp today to get chicken feed and had a little fun getting back up the driveway. Yesterday the RCMP put out a no-tow advisory. If you hit the ditch or got stuck, the car stayed where it was. They would get you out, but not the car. Driving was brutal!

Hopefully, the snow blower will make life easier on the Acreage. We normally get most of our snow fall in March. I suppose now that we have one, we will have a snow free spring.

Still digging out on the Acreage!
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