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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 30, 2011

Out Side Sunday

After 2 days of high temperatures, +8C (+46F) and +10C (+50F) the snow pack shrunk by about half. The new snowblower now has about 5 gallons of gas through it and our narrow, one lane road is back to three lanes, including the ditches. All the big snow drifts along the walks are now cleared away and the paths to the chicken coop and horse area are now cleared. It's a lot easier with a snow blower! Brooklynn is generally content in sitting still and watching the activities.
The temperature dropped back to -22C (-6F) this morning, so after church I decided to strap on the old snow shoes and go see what trees got knocked down in the wind. There were a few small ones, but nothing major. My shoes are Ojibway bush shoes which I have had for about 50 years. Some of the babiche is getting worn so I guess this summer I had better restring parts of them.

I stayed up very well, but Brooklynn had a tough time. She was basically belly dragging for about a half mile and did not want to get off my trail. Before the warm days, there were only 2 wires showing on the fence which gives an idea how fast the snow will compact.
Boots on the other hand could stay on top. That's him in the distance sort of laughing at Brooklynn.
This was my "nothing" weekend. Saturday, I fed the critters and did nothing. Today, I went to church, shoveled the walks and did nothing. I did snooze a bit on both days, watched a movie with Elaine and Camryn and did a lot of nothing. It felt good!
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