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January 12, 2011

All Dug Out

Posted by PicasaFinally after three days of shoveling, all the paths are clear, the driveway is clear and the decks are clear!

Guess what?

It's snowing again and they are forecasting another big dump by the weekend!

Not much this time only 15 cm (6 inches) compared to the official 30 cm ( 12 inches) that we just received.

Now a total of 18 inches of snow is not so bad, if the wind would just let it lie. The 3 foot drifts make the shoveling tough going!

Smile, it could get worse, so I did, and it did!

Where is spring?


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with you about spring although it is melting here in between but I'm still sick of snow, ice and winter.

peihome said...

Where is spring? It's far, far away ...

We're getting snow at last, too. Winter had to arrive sometime!

Karen said...

Brrrr, those are great, cold pictures. Just read about Boots, so sorry. Poor doggie.

Gregg said...

Ha! This is January, Spring is down the road. Glad you are all dug out and still all snug within.

Farmchick said...

I am yearning for a bit of spring myself. We will be on our third snow day tomorrow. The kids have been great, but enough is enough! The 20 degree (or less) temps don't help.

IanH said...

texwisgirl has left a new comment on your post "All Dug Out":

Love the woodpile that now looks like an igloo. :) Hangeth in there!

Chai Chai said...

The one blog on the net that I visit when I want to feel better about the terrible weather here....

Child of God said...

Haha, we have you beat but not by much. We have about 60 cm and more on the way. Today my son and I were running through the snow covered dirt road and he was saying, "wow mom we sure have a lot of snow this year." I was telling him this is nothing compared to how much we had when we first moved here. We would get over 5ft and that is not windblown.

I love your blog and I will visit often.

In Him,