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January 13, 2011

15 Month's Reflections

What began as a whim in late 2009, soon became a way of connecting with people with similar interests, horses, gardening, dogs, chickens and all the rest of God's creatures.

Most of all it has allowed me to share my testimony with many of you out in blog land, who would never otherwise hear how great our God is, and how He has worked in our families lives.

It has allowed me a chance to "meet" some really neat people, in all walks of life. For this I am very grateful.

When I was stumped on how to do something, there was always someone out there, who being much smarter than I, had already figured out how to do it, and was willing to share. This too I am grateful for.

What started this post out, was the realization that I have now posted over 200 blogs (and counting). Looking deeper it is mind boggling to me that visitors from 47 countries have visited  my little "Acreage" site, and that over 12,000 page views have been received. This, to me, is very humbling! Even more humbling is the fact that 46 people have chosen to follow along, many right from day one.

The comments are interesting, and show that some people care enough to take the time to respond to these postings. To those that don't respond, I welcome you to get involved.

The internet is a fascinating, and powerful place. Blog land, in my limited experience, seems to be relatively safe, and appears to be self policing, at least in the areas that I have been involved with. For this, I also am thankful.

It is amazing the amount of talent that is out there, from tossing a rope, to shoeing a horse, to writing some fascinating poetry, and the photography! I wish that God had given me 1/100th of the talent that I have seen from everyday people out there. Thank you for sharing! I may not have the talent, but I can share in yours.

It's not all great though. I feel for all of you that are caught up in the tragedies of everyday life, from floods, to fires to the "minor" issues. Out of these, I have found  that Hope, learning experience , and rewards are attained. I have also observed that people that have God in their corner tend to do very well through these issues. I am one that was forged in fire, so to speak.

This is getting a little lengthy, so it's time to sign off, but with this last thought.

Thank you for your participation and allowing me to share in your daily life.

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