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Two things that horses are scared about:

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December 8, 2010

It Never Stops!

Caution! Work related graphics below! Please use caution. It may not be suitable for all audiences. Parental Guidance recommended!

Now that I have your attention.....When you are retired it seems that there is always something around the corner to fill up your time! This requires about 2 hours per week, every week, to keep up!

Use the pick. Break the clump free from the ground.
Use the rake. Make nice neat piles about one wheelbarrow in size each.

 Use the shovel. Fill the wheel barrow.

Use the wheel barrow and make a big pile as high as you can. Repeat 5 times a week.

Horses seem to be continuous work makers. They eat hay, which you toss to them twice a day then they make piles, about 5 per horse per day.

The big pile that is made is allowed to compost over the summer where it reduces to about 1/4 the original size.

There are five good things about winter activities like this :

1. It's generally cold, like today at -11C (+12F) so that, if you work at a slow steady pace, you don`t overheat.

2. The piles are frozen hard so that nothing sticks to the wheelbarrow

3.There is no odour, other than a slight eau de horse.

4. I get my daily requirement of exercise.

5. I get the back to the earth experience and a chance to enjoy the wonders of God! Yes, even horse poop.

I am sure that there are other good things about this activity, but I`ll let this go for now.

Hope nobody is in information overload!

If your son, or daughter wants a horse, you might want them to read this, and remember, there is a time to delegate!
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Farmchick said...

My son and daughter have wanted a horse, but we have resisted!! We do raise some cows, but don't usually keep them over the winter. Farming is good exercise for sure! I hauled in several loads of wood today, but am glad I don't have the cows to take care of right now :)

texwisgirl said...

I personally LOVE the smell of horse poo. (I know, I'm weird). Anyway, luckily my horses scatter most of their poo all over the place so I let it disentegrate on its own... Glad you look on the bright side of getting exercise!

Gregg said...

We had horses for a couple of years and it was great. My girls had their own horse and my wife bought a mustang from the original herd that roamed the Nevada desert and broke it to a nice riding horse. They are a lot of work but they are well worth it.

Ruralrose said...

too bad you can't milk 'em . . . great post Ian - peace

Cathy M. said...

I had a horse as a teenager. Apparently I was not a good keeper, since I NEVER cleaned up after her. She roamed the fields with the cows, who also peppered the meadows. I overheard my son tell a friend once, "don't step on the bright green clumps of crass, they grow over poop."


I got a great idea! You can produce a Youtube workout video and title it: "Your Daily Pooper-Scooper Workout with Brother Ian". Your might even become more popular than Jane Fonda and make a couple of bucks ta-boot! :-)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh Ian you made me laugh out loud....gladd I'm not in your boots these days.
Have fun with the horses, I'll come over in springtime when all the poop will dissapear on its own.
Have a wonderful december.
warmhugs Dagmar

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

I would just like to ditto OG. That would be a fun it do it do it! :)
I love the red snow outfit in the midst of the dreary snow.... very Norman Rockwall...despite the poo...