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December 23, 2010

Igloos and the Outdoors

Another great day in the outdoors! It was only -17C (+3F)  and we had the grand kids today. Two days ago, we cleared the snow off the deck which make a pretty good sized pile. We let the snow set up for two days and it turned out real great for digging out a snow shelter. AJ worked real hard at it (with me giving a hand with the big snow scoop) and voila, an igloo!

It still needs to be dug out a bit more, but with cold hands and a little snow down the neck, we elected to go in and watch a movie.

Earlier we had walked the dogs down to the far end of the property and tired them out chasing sticks. Max ( the black lab) is now on a diet, and my son and grandson have been told to take 20 pounds off him, so I expect that we will be having a few more days like this. It won't hurt Brooklynn either.

There is something about digging into a big pile of snow that is timeless! My Dad and I made igloos. My sons and I made igloos. And now, my grandson and I make igloos. Total cost? Nothing! No batteries, and minimal number of moving parts.

We put pegs in from the outside so that we know when there is only 12" of snow left. That prevents accidentally digging through. Then we remove the pegs.

There is a caution though! Have an adult there in case the roof collapses in the early stage to pull the guy out and keep the roof to about 12 inches thick. At that thickness, the kids can stand up and get out by themselves.

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