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November 18, 2010

Only 6 More Months to Go

The BBQ is down for the winter, although if we should get a mild spell, say above -10C I might think about firing it up . The snow shovel is by the door ready for use, and it will probably get used a lot! It's not much fun standing outside BBQ'ing when it's much colder than that.

This morning, it was -15C and had snowed most of the day yesterday. The horses tend to take it in stride. They are so well insulated that the snow will not melt on their backs. We leave it there as an extra blanket for them.

The water trough and salt block get lots of use during the cold weather. Dry hay tends to cause a need for more salt in the diet. You can see the electrical cord going to the floating heater. Tomorrow, I will be putting the wooden box and insulation around the tank, plus a half lid to cut down the heat loss. I was too slow in draining the garden hose yesterday so it was frozen when I went to fill the trough. 100 feet of frozen hose, coiled up (with difficulty) in the hallway to the house solved the problem. Today, I was a lot faster in walking the hose to ensure the last of the water was out of it.

The drive way was ploughed with my timber and truck to give it a chance to harden up. The snow is not as slippery when packed so it makes the climb up the hill a little easier on the vehicles. Elaine has a front wheel drive with aggressive snow tires on all wheels. It is very seldom that her car won't get up to the house.

My truck is a 4 wheel drive with very aggressive tires and gets used to pull friends and visitors out of the ditch when necessary, generally 4 to 5 times a winter. When the truck gets stuck, my neighbour will come over with his 350HD and pull it out.

Winter! It is a hardening experience in Alberta.

Surely there must be somebody in the deep south that would love to experience watering horses, feeding chickens and shoveling snow for a few months this year. I would be willing to swap acreages for a little while, say two months starting in January?

Did I mention that we also get frozen water lines, power outages and blizzards? Truly a fun experience!

Let me know if you decide to take me up on the offer.
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texwisgirl said...

Gee, Ian, I wish I could help you out. However, having lived in Wisconsin for the first 20 years of my life, I'm not falling for your "generous" offer. I had to laugh when I saw the title of your post as I know that mindset too well... Ha!

Today we had 60 degrees. We will dip into teens during the winter. Rarely into single digits. And we often get 60 degree days off and on throughout the Texas 'winter'. But, we will also get some WONDERFUL snowfalls to give us that joy for a day or two at most.

So, no. No deal. Sorry. My horses have just put their fuzzies on (not quite their woolies yet) and send best wishes to your full-out long-john-wearing ones. :)

Gail said...

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I feel very weak complaining about winter coming when you are in for a doozy.

I do not think I could handle a big winter. I am freezing and it is still quite warm with only frost and ice in the mornings.

I wish you warmth.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Oh yea Mr. Holland come to Holland....ha that was fun.
Well Ian I'm not used to snow and blizzards like you have and I think it's hard work. But man do I love snow (specially in Canada).

Thank you so much for sharing there were new things for me to learn, like the water buckets are warmed up for the horses???Never knew that.
But you can't be serioius about them being out in the cold the whole winter right?
Well take care of your neighbours and of yourself my friend.
Warm southern (not that southern of course) hugs Dagmar

Gregg said...

I use to have those winters. I use to have to break the ice on the water trough (we didn't have a heater. Oh how cold it was. Snow deep. I loved it when I was 25 years younger. I don't know how I would do today. You have a beautiful place.

sometimes you wonder though what made people (your ancestors) settle where they settled.

Most people would have arrived there, felt that winter blast and headed for Florida! Maybe if your founding father was "smarter" you would be sitting on the beach right now in Miami! :)

Karen said...

Hmmmm, thanks, I'll just wait for more pictures. Winter is hard work for you!


Brother Ian

I'm sure -10C and -15C is very cold. But may I ask you to please do me a favor? Can you add the Fahrenheit temp in (periphrases) next to the Celsius (Centigrade) so I know what you're talking about? I don't keep my conversion chart handy and it would save me a lot of time :-)

Brother Ron