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November 16, 2010

Lots of Things Happening in the World!

This is a link that I picked up from somewhere that tracks most of the major natural calamities going on in the world. I don't normally view stuff like this (other than what shows up on the news), but this is a concise summary of major happenings and explanations as to why, from a scientist's viewpoint, not scripturally.

It makes an interesting read, and I can knock off a few places that I once thought that I would like to visit.

The Lord blessed me by plopping me down in a place that doesn't have earthquakes, floods, tornadoes famine etc. Compared to some places, I can put up with the minor annoyance of mosquitoes and extreme cold.

When summary sites such as this come up, is that an indication of a paranoid mentality in the world? What do you think ? Are we being desensitized to major events in the world by all the exposure? When 5 people are killed in an avalanche , it makes world news for days. Am I at risk of becoming jaded? Doesn't anyone print/ publish good news anymore?

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IanH said...

This is from texwisgirl, reposted as Google is having a hissy fit, with no solution in sight

Wonder where we're headed. We're so used to being bombarded with headlines, gossip, breaking news - all delivered in a blink of an eye - that we can't absorb it anymore. When I finally sit down to read a week's worth of newspapers, I barely skim through them as I've already seen the headlines on MSN or NBC News and I don't need to "feel" the details of a story. I rather miss the days before all the media was available at our fingertips. We were closed into our own towns/worlds so much more so when something epic happened across the seas or across the country, we FELT it when we read about it in the paper or heard it on the news. Now we don't feel anymore unless the tragedy hits someone we love/know personally.

One could argue that we didn't hear about what was happening in the world years ago unless it WAS big news. Now we hear of everything from everywhere and we're getting thick-skinned and desensitized. I think we're even desensitized to the good news - like NBC's "Making a Difference" segments. We shrug it off as just another person doing something nice. Big deal. And we move along into our day.