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October 10, 2010

Can You Believe it?

 A really funny thing happened to me after church today. It was our churches 50th anniversary and of course there was the famous church "Pot Luck"! Our Pastor was calling up people to go to the serving line with some sort of system. He called all the seniors to go up first. So, I got up and went into line. A group of young teenagers was standing around and this cute 16 year old came up to me and said that I couldn't get into line as Iwasn't a senior! She was all smiles , but intent on preventing me from getting my victuals.

So, I politely said that I qualified. Well, as she was still looking puzzled, I pulled out my wallet and showed my driver's licence. I asked her how old did she think I was. To which, she responded "28". So, I said "physically, not mentally" and showed her the date.

I was allowed to continue with the food line.

Now, not to rub it in, but, when was the last time you were "carded"? Needless to say, she is now one of my favourite 16 year olds in the church!

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