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September 9, 2010

Some Good, Some Not So Good

Ah, it is the time of year that the Taber corn starts appearing at the roadside stands. To be called Taber corn, it must be grown and is licensed within a certain small radius of Taber, Alberta. I am a corn on the cob fanatic. I have eaten fresh corn from Southern Ontario, Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta. None has the flavour and texture of corn grown around Taber.

Elaine has been away for the better part of the week and I have been living on chicken or pizza plus 3 cobs per day! LIFE IS GOOD!

Here is a picture of our entire apple crop from 5 trees. Slightly bruised from the hailstorm and not enough to really do anything with. Maybe next year....

The horses are going to love them as treats.

I am getting webbed feet from the amount of rain, and the potatoe and carrot harvest is on hold until things dry up. Three days of rain and more in the forecast.

Fortunately, we have few neighbours so they don't get to laugh when I am going up and down the road with Brooklynn on the leash doing dog training. Did I mention it has poured rain for three days?
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Melodie said...

YOu got 12 more apples than I did! My little trees only made 1 this year....maybe next year I will get a few more.Apples don't really produce bumper crops here,too warm.Pears, now that is another story!

covnitkepr1 said...

Love that corn on the cob myself. Send some of that rain to Indiana Ian. We could use it.

Gregg said...

I love corn on the cob also, especially sweet corn. I have one apple tree and we didn't get very many apples this year nor did they ripen, they really went bad quick. The deer come down to eat them.

So, the puppy is coming along is he? Good for him. I am ready for our rain and ready for fall!

peihome said...

That's a fantastic crop of apples you have there, Ian! You'll have to share with all your neighbors!


Your crop resembles our last year's crop. This year, however, we have apples galore. Even the hurricane didn't knock many down!