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June 21, 2010

Meet Max!

Here is the latest addition to our youngest son's family. Max, the wonder dog! At eight weeks, he can go up and down stairs, retrieve sticks, and crash almost anywhere. For some reason, he seemed to like my feet.

AJ is a pretty happy 10 year old, as Max is his dog.

Max is a chocolate lab, a good choice for a boy, as his breed only wants to please! he is also house trained at 8 weeks.

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Karen said...

Oh, how adorable and smart. Love the sleeping picture. Puppies are so much fun, especially after they are house trained. Awwww......

Melodie said...

Every boy needs his own dog !!!!

The Old Geezer said...

Now that's a nice looking dog! Max must be a popular pet name. We once had a cat named Max and I think a couple of our neighbors have pets named Max. I've even met some human babies named Max.

Gregg said...

Labs are great dogs, we have owned two over the years. He is a cutie! How did you house train him?