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May 5, 2010

Progress Report

This is the start of the project after the pieces were dragged out of the bush. Unfortunately, most of the 4x4's were slightly bent so getting them back into square was a challenge.
Here she sits. The project was called off for 2 days due to an early May blizzard. 6 inches of snow, everything wet and too cold to work bare handed. The snow melted, but the wood is still too wet for staining.

I switched to the other big project for the year.

This will be our expanded hen/brooder house. It has to be completed by June 1 as our chicks show up June 4th. I will need a couple of days to regulate the temperatures inside. How is it that whenever you want to put a footing, there is always a big tree root in the very spot(s) that they must go?

I will also be doubling our hay shelter in back as we lost about a dozen bales due to moisture last year.

Always lots to do on the Acreage!
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Karen said...

Alot of work there! Okay, I'm going to show my ignorance of farm "stuff." You have to have the hen house done by a certain date. Is that because you are buying chicks at that time? I know, you're probably laughing your head off....just don't know about farming, willing to learn. :)

Gregg said...

What a wonderfu project Grandpa! Lots of work to do and never done. I love coming here and seeing what you are up to and I always am amazed and glad. One thing I take away, thank God for apartments!


Hey! If I was a chicken i wouldn't mind living there!

Libby in Texas might loan you one of her "booger" snakes to keep your chickens on their toes.

The only chicken I ever see around her is the one on my plate from the local KFC. I wonder want a real live chicken looks like?

Julia said...

At first glance I thought you were building a fort but obviously there's way more to that building!! Is the height to keep them out of the snow. It must be!!

Yer right about the work though. Today weeding, veggie planting, cleaning, trimming. . . It never ends. :)

Texan said...

If that little white house with green trim is your hen house... I am so not letting my girls (chickens) see that!! That is a NICE hen house!