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April 13, 2010

I'm Still Around!

One of the great things about being retired (or Semi-retired) is that you can pick and choose what jobs that you would like to get involved with. I have done building maintenance (heating and ventilation), shed building, farrier work, handyman projects from carpentry to brick work to hardwood floor laying. Each is fun in it's own right.

Each new venture is like starting over again, and getting paid good money to do so. It keeps the horses in hay, so to speak. My dad, many years ago, said " Son, you can learn anything that you put your mind to. If you need knowledge, buy a book. If you need tools, buy them. Both will be with you for a long time". Good advice!

Fortunately, the good Lord gave me the ability to learn, and apply that learning. For many years, I did not give him the credit that He is due.

Being a welder's helper for a couple of weeks, gives me further appreciation for those folks that can "glue" steel together, and what a day in the life of a welder is like. Bevelling  3/8 th inch steel plate, slinging it up 3 stories and wrestling the 4x8 foot plate around the scaffolding, then dogging it and hoisting it into place is quite a challenge. I also found a few muscles that I kind of forgot I had. They have been complaining a little.

The shift is 10 hours on, with a further 2 hours travel time at the going rate. No days off until the tank is reclad, hopefully within 10 days, but possibly more. On the road at 5:30 am, tail gate meeting at 7:00, and shift over at 5:30 pm, with an hour"s travel time back to Whitecourt. We do get a lunch and 2 coffee breaks. However, when the boss moves, so do we.

It is a different mentality than what I am used to. How a welder can weld hour after hour is beyond me! Inside a tank, breathing welding vapour and chewing grit from the walls. Quite a lifestyle, and a necessary one. For the next little while there will be two shifts of welders  with 4 welders per shift. The tank has put Canada's only complete hazardous waste elimination plant down!
It's also quite a learning experience for me!

OK, off to a hot tub, shower and ice pack on the back and then bed. Elaine is being real good about looking after the animals while I am out playing! I figure on being very selective after this job, and who knows, something different may come up!

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