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February 22, 2010

Silent Monday...Time to Order!

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LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Silent Monday...time to order... I have no idea what you mean by that... I am thinking to my self...does he mean its a silent Monday because the poor gobble gobble is getting axed today and its time to order dinner or ...or...what????

Melodie said...

Turkeys! I love turkeys! What kind are you going to order?

You could get a goat and a steer! I bet if Elaine held a little goatie she would be won over to "the goatie side"!

IanH said...

Libby: it means it's spring (almost) and it's time to order this summers chicks hopefully due to arrive via canada Post or UFA about June 1!

Melodie: Going to order the common white. The one pictured was 47 pounds on the hoof when his time was up. If I knew someone with a goatie, and could borrow it, and could get Elaine to hold it... instant bonding! now who lives in northern Alberta and has a wee goatie?

Goats eat less than steers, but how could either of us do in a goatie that looks like Murray?

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Ian,

hahaha you misunderstoot me. We don't have spring yet, only snowy weather and rain. It's just that I long for spring so badly I wanted to put a photo of last year on my blog.
Have a nice day gotta run so talk soon.

Texan said...

If I were a meat eater and not a vegetarian I would so raise Turkeys!! Dh says he doesnt care to raise much meat, though he eats guess no Turkeys... they are so cool looking!

Kim said...

He's too handsome to eat, but I guess that's life in the country!