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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 18, 2010


We live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and this is the grazing lease in behind our place with two of our horses (I'm on the third) doing a little spring time riding (I wish)! It's hard to remember the difficult world that we live in when God's countryside is as beautiful as this. Peaceful, tranquil, Serene!

This is what they used to call in the movies, you know, "Happy Trails to You".You remember, big screen, popcorn, the good guy always wins?

If only we could take a step back into time when life in the world was a lot simpler!

What's over the hill? More of the same! And the next hill? Ditto.
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Melodie said...

I agree we need simpler!Don't get me wrong I don't want to go back to outhouses! I just wish folks could unwrap their minds from the materialism that seem to be a destructive disease and learn to enjoy the wonderful blessings of simplicity!

It looks beautiful there! I still have trouble wrapping my mind around that cold though.You would probably feel the same way about our summers!

Texan said...

Very pretty, looks so calm :O)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

I there Ian. Wow thanks for being a follower on my blog. I'm intrigued with your last name and even more so were you live...what is this gonna say about you and me? Well as you know I live in Holland (but my heart is in Canada BC special the Rockies Aria). So I'm gonna follow your blog, your words, your trails. Cause I can't live without Canada stories. And you know what you look even a lot like my uncle who lives now in Okanagan Falls...sigh. if only I could be there with you.
Oh and Ian I do love the phrase of Fred Rogers you put up there. Made my heart smile.
So buddy I'll guess we will be seeing eachtother around in blog land. Or whenever I'm up in Cariboo Country I might pop over for a coffee and a horseback ride? Be well and my God lighten your path untill it's spring and you can see a little clearer yourself again ;-) (sorry like to make litttle jokes like this, don't take them to seriously and hope you don't mind). Sweet bye's Dagmar

IanH said...

Melodie: Think about it! There are worse things than out houses, namely chamberpots!