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January 17, 2010

Be Your Own Farrier

When you live on an acreage with horses, you are always looking at ways to reduce costs, particularly with horses. I watched my farriers at work for about 2 years before thinking "Wow this is expensive! How can I learn how to do this?" I did a Google Search of the Internet and found that most schools required anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years and having to move to do it. Then I looked at correspondence schools via the internet and found to my surprise that a course (with diploma) was offered for the grand sum of $65.00. Yep, sixty-five dollars. I figured I could afford to lose $65, but couldn't afford much more.
The experience was well worth it! I had a great instructor, a good reference book ( all courtesy of the internet) and she was available on a daily basis (no additional cost). You were expected to ask questions! If you didn't, you didn't graduate!

Now comes the financial benefits to me, with my three horses.

Total..... $313.00

It cost me $110 for horse trimming each time at about 8 week intervals.
Cost (7 times per year at $110 per session X 4 years =) $3080.00

I am still using my first hoof knife, rasp,and nippers!

That has done 84 horses plus 6 horses (helping out neighbours)

How is that for a return on an investment!
There are side benefits:
1. No scrambling trying to find a farrier!
2. No brutal farriers on site!
3.I was able to trim out a problem that was costing me a fortune in shoeing, without shoeing.

If anyone is interested in following up on this, let me know and Iwill forward the name of the school and instructor.

One other benefit worth mentioning! no crippled horses!
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