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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 9, 2010

A Much better day!

It actually got up to the freezing point today! And it's forcast to be at the freezing point for the next 10 days!
Not that there is much melting going opn as the sun is still very low on the horizon. I was able to open the window on the chicken coop and air it out, turn off the auxillary heater 1000 watts, reduce the timing on the horse trough heater and have coffe with my buddy. A good Day!

The two female horses were both laying down in the snow enjoying the heat. Their coats get really warm. I thought this would be a good day for a ride! Not so! the horses are herd bound and I had a real rodeo going on  with my mare on the driveway. She tried everything that she knew to get back to her herd. The two that were left behind were also frantic, racing up and down the fence line, kicking up snow and blowing. I had to circle her twice, the second time I got dizzy before she did. After getting her to the side road and pointed away from the two, she started blowing as if she was face to face with a moose! Horses hate moose for some reason. After the wreck last fall from which i am almost recovered, i decided enough was enough and headed back to the turn out area.

Every thing went back to normal except trhat Tucker started nuzzling the gelding. So, another possibility is she is in heat.

All in all a fun day on the acreage!


Pleasant Prairie said...

On our honeymoon, my husband and I went to the beach and decided to ride horses. His horse was gentle and ready to go, my horse kept turning on me and made the whole experience unpleasant. I did however get her to get down the beach and back without getting tossed off. When I had commented on how hard she was to handle, the owner invited us back the next day for a free ride and a much pleasant horse to ride on. We graciously showed up and this time the horse was a delight. I have long wanted to raise horses, and there are corrals,( 8 of them, already barn. The folks who owned the place before we purchased it, were going to have a stud farm.) However, I have not yet crossed that bridge. I so enjoy looking at your pictures of your horses. Have a good week. blessings,Kathleen

IanH said...

Kathleen, why do you require a barn? If you get a quarterhorse, or an Appaloosa, or a Morgan it is probably not necessary. All we have is a 3 sided shelter and our temperature range is from -40C to +30. Thanks for the comments! Oh yeah, horses require a lot of work, but it's fun.

Texan said...

I think horses are beautiful! I am also afraid of them. I fell or was bucked off every horse I was on as a kid.

The perfect horse to me is one on the other side of a fence while I pet them! :O)...

They are gorgeous animals :O)...

covnitkepr1 said...

Ian, you are one fortunate man to live in God's open spaces as you do. From your words, it's evident that you realize it to and are thankful for what he has allowed you. It's kinda like having a piece of heaven while living in this rotten sin soaked earth. Enjoy it and Him.