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January 7, 2010

Dreams of Spring!

 When it's -28C as it was this morning, it is kind of nice to sit and browse through something GREEN!

I keep reminding myself "Only January, February, March, April May and half of June until things start looking GREEN again.

GREEN is an interesting colour. It says, growth, life, new birth and new season all in one.

Did you know WHITE is the opposite to GREEN?

Sure some say virginal, pure, spring like, But to me it says desolate, COLD and COLDER.

Am I on a downer? You Bet!
Will I get over it? Maybe!

You bet! I am looking forward to GREEN
and next summer!

All two weeks of it!

The question is "Which two weeks will it be this year?"
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Melodie said...

YOur green pictures are beautiful! Unfortunately for me last year it went from green to brown.The summer here last year was a heat wave and drought.That means this year has to be a good one right???In this exceptionally cold winter I think most everyone is dreaming of Spring!Seed catalogs help take your mind off winter too!

Aimee Bontreger said...

I'm dreaming of spring, too - although it's obviously not even as cold here in Indiana as it is further north.

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I actually am a Christian, and have been my whole life. It seems everyone's experiences in life are so different: some of the most extroverted people I've encountered are part of the church culture, and do, in fact, run it. That's not to say it's not the place to be - just proof that there's always room for us to gain broader perspectives. Which is what I hope to offer through my new blogging project.

Again, thanks much for the comment.