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September 20, 2010

My Head is Sore!

Today I received a book for a study on the history of the church movements as pertains to our denomination. I joined the study late so have 6 chapters plus the one for the beginning of the month to do. "Piece of cake" I thought as I am a speed reader. Not so, says the book!

I have found more words in the first 30 pages that I do not know the meaning of than I have found in the last 2 years. The dictionary is just a smoking!!

This is "The Concise English Dictionary " C 1984. Fortunately the words are in it, but sometimes refer to another word which boils down to an easy meaning. Words like "glossolalia, hermeneutics, exegesis, eschatology, and soteriology". All these in just the first 30 pages!

My point is "Why not use the easy to understand, non-conbumbulated meaning?" Is it to make the authors look educated? Seriously, can anyone talk these words on a daily basis?

I think it is mainly to make the reader suffer! It's working!!

Now I have to get off this rant and get on with the next hundred pages, then try to do a historical (read- hysterical) graph of the history presented so that finally, maybe, I can understand what these folks are saying!

Do you ever get frustrated with things like this? If so, let me know, as misery loves company.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent!
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