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September 23, 2010

Is Democracy Dead?

I'm afraid if it isn't, it's close to dying! In Canada we have had a very contentious law put in by the Liberal Party that required every person to register their long guns. This program cost the country an estimated $2 billion dollars in the time that it was in place. Criminals are going to obtain weapons from whatever source they can. The law abiding farmer is tied up with paperwork! Refusing or omitting to register automatically makes one a criminal!

It boils down to two sides, rural Canada vs Urban Canada, or in other words Toronto ( the centre of the universe in their own minds) against all others.

To make it worse, politicians were told to toe the party line, never mind what their constituency says. Ie. The NDP and Liberals voting to defeat the bill to abolish the registry. Where is the democracy at work in this? It is not a vote to bring down parliament or anything that grandeous, but two out of touch leaders playing their own agenda. Several politicians changed their votes after declaring their public stance. Did cash change hands? Or were future favours involved? We probably will never know for sure.

I dug out my old hat from many years ago and will likely start wearing it. If Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal etc. want wheat, oil etc let them come buy it. from The Republic of Western Canada.

The bill to abolish was defeated by a margin of two! Beware the poitician that says " I will listen to the people, but then will vote as I see fit"! The next election is not that far away!
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