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November 13, 2020

A Long Trip!

Neither Elaine or I have taken a vacation for a good many years.

This year we bought an RV and changed all that! 

On October 2, we departed from Whitecourt and visited one of our sons in Red Deer, Alberta.

2444 km in 53 hours driving time
22 cities and locations visited

Below are some of the shots I took
This was one of the better views to wake up to. No free samples though.

And, yes, we had snow.

Penticton at night

Three views of Wrights Beach Camp on Skaha Lake outside of Penticton., A very nice place

Daphne in her normal travel position.
Coming out of one of the mountain passes. Note the tunnel

Elaine's plant survived a month on the road. It flowered all summer, a month or two in the house, the trip and its still going strong.

These next two are interesting, lots of veggies and fruit, all on the honour system The price was on the bin, and you put your money in a mail slot You don't see this amount of trust anymore

This was a very good pick up along the way. We used it a lot!
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Would we do this type of trip again? Not likely because there was too much travel involved. We will likely research a place, go there and stick.  Driving a 28 foot class C through the cities for groceries, propane etc. is not much  fun. Either a towed vehicle (Toad)  or car rental is required for us to get around.

Everything worked. Great furnace, fridge, freezer, and water system.

I will Post a Second Edition


  1. Awesome trip and pics, Ian! Hi Elaine and Daphne! And haha, you took the plant along for the ride, too cute.


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