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September 12, 2020

What's New?

 There a few things that are different. First, most of the summer birds are gone, along with the Sandhill Cranes. The leaves are turning colours and a lot have fallen. It might be an early winter.

I am reduced to photographing other things than birds. Things such as this Red Squirrel eating spruce cones.

Also things like this big  fat spider that built a beautiful web across the garage entrance!

Yep, he was a big one!
Then there were disorganized Mallards
And a little better formation once Ma put her foot down!
Then, best of all is our new Class C RV. We are just getting things organized and hoping for a short trip this week to get to know her.
It's in real good shape and very comfortable for the two of us to live in for extended periods, this winter and next summer.
It's 28 feet long, powered by a Ford V10. It has a shower, hot water, generator and will sleep 6 in a push. We will see how she performs in the mountains, soon, I hope! Ps there is a powerful furnace for those cold and snowy days.😊


  1. Ian, wow, I love your RV! How exciting!!!!! Looking forward to hearing about your road trips! I'd love an RV like that!

  2. I like the look of that motorhome


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