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August 13, 2019

A Bear Hunting Day!

I decided to take a drive and see how many bears I could find. I found 9 total, two sows with twin cubs and the rest lone males. The foliage along the highways is lush and green with lots and lots of clover. It was hard to get facial shots as they were munching like there was no end. I suspect we may have an early winter!
 When I first saw these three, they were laying down eating just rising enough to get fresh clover. This little gaffer was quite curious. Mama kept calling him back.
 Mama was a good sized bear and very protective. She kept them close at hand.
 When Mama moved. so did the twins.
 The grass and other stuff was very tall and it was hard to get shots in the open.
 At times the cubs seemed to disappear
She needs to put on a lot of weight before winter!

 This old boar seemed to be quite chubby. All ready for mating.

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