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2. Things that don't move

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December 6, 2018

Life Goes On

I just noticed that it has been 3 weeks since my last posting. I wish I could say that things have been too busy around here, but alas, not the case.
It was hunting season and I got out 4 times. I saw 6 deer. 3 were Mule deer and I didn't have a draw. The others were a doe Whitetail and two fawns. I didn't want to in effect kill 3 deer, so I passed

The weather has been miserable, with everything, from rain, to snow, to a mixture and black ice. Not much fun being outdoors in that!

I did spend some time carving in my man cave in the garage. I got this American Wigeon to the paint stage after 3 months. Another month and I may have it finished.

In the meantime, Life Goes On!

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