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June 22, 2017

Back Home Again!

Elaine and I took a week long trip to the Toronto area to see our eldest grand daughter graduate from Waterloo University with a Degree in Chemical Engineering. We are very proud of her accomplishment!

It's a very good thing the weather was great, else she would be flash blinded. I took a lot of pictures!

The graduating class was very large for Chemical Engineering, about 500 by my estimate. They got them all through in 2 hours!

Here is Adelle with Elaine and the blanket she crotched for a grad present.

Getting lined up for the presentation.

 On the way

Congratulations, Adelle! Well done!


Michelle said...

Congrats to her!!!!!! That is quite an accomplishment!!!

peihome said...

Wow, congrats to your granddaughter! So nice that you went all that way to watch her graduate.