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March 15, 2017

I Needed a Horse Hug!

Today was the first time in three years that I was up on a horse. It turns out that two friends from Church wanted to go siding, but had three horse that were all herd bound or barn bound, so they needed a third rider. I thought about.... for about a 10th of a second. The horse I got to ride was a Norwegian Fjord. 

Here are the other two riders on their mares. They were well behaved (horses and riders). As you can see, we still have a LOT of snow, so riding was done on the roads.

Alison was all smiles. It was a beautiful day at +5C

Michelle was doing great on her new horse. I had a better picture, but it turns out I had the camera on video. Next time I will get a better shot.

Here is Spirit, my horse for the day! He did well, but put on a couple of protests along the way. I didn't let him trot because of the protests, but more so for the pain I felt in my legs. He is a little choppy at anything more than a walk. By the time we got back after about 2 1/2 hours, I literally fell of the horse. My legs didn't really want to work. At almost 73 (next month) I thought I did OK.

OK enough to agree to another ride next Wednesday!


Ian H said...

Michelle has left a new comment on your post "I Needed a Horse Hug!":

How great that you were able to ride again. Also looks like you had some great partners. Good luck with your next ride.

Bethany Carson said...

Spirit is a beautiful horse! Looks like a great day for a ride. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Mrs Shoes said...

Spirit is a good looking boy! I've always wanted to ride a fjord.

peihome said...

Good for you, Ian! 2.5 hours, oh my gosh! It's great you are going out again. Nice little horse.

No helmets??? tch-tch!

Rhonda Gales said...

Your horse is beautiful. I love horses, and sorry I never learned how to ride. I applaud you for a 2.5 hour ride at age 73. Thanks for sharing the pictures