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September 28, 2016

Maybe Prepper?

This year was fabulous as far as the garden went! I look around town and I don't see many gardens. The space is there, but nobody can be bothered to do anything with it, perhaps, because it involves a minimum of work. From the raised gardens below, I collected 26 meals for two that are now in the freezer.The carrot patch was one row long at 12 feet. I also got 52 meals of green beans (Scarlet Runners) that grew 1 1/2 feet over my 7 foot trellis. The bean row was 8 feet long. 

The garden also produced enough onions to last till next crop and enough potatoes to last till Christmas.

The apple trees did not produce this year due to a late frost, but that's OK, because we still have pies and crumbles left over from 2014 and 2015. Not many, but enough for the winter.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the beets. I pickled up 12 pints and froze 18 meals for 2.

Now, as the apple crop failed, I splurged and spent $20 on a case of peaches which were then canned. This is not a bad year for the garden, and not a lot of work.

Now, I haven't got to the point of stashing away things like rice, flour etc., just in case... but I'm starting to wonder if I am becoming a "Prepper". What say you?

Many beets, carrots and beans were seriously hurt in this activity, but I am not going to apologize.

By the way, I am also a second generation vegetarian, cows eat grass, and I eat cows!

The garden is 168 square feet, total. 
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