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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

January 13, 2016

Walk on the Wild Side

Well, not really the wild side, but a walk in the wild bush around Whitecourt for about three miles. Once again we had a beautiful, mild day just at the freezing mark,

 Some of the typical bush on the walk. I was hoping for some deer shots, or maybe a moose. It was not to be.

 The dogs had a blast. The trail was packed by some truck traffic and some snowmobile activity which made it easy on the dogs (and me). They took some excursions into the bush, but soon preferred the trail.

 The tributary flowing into the Athabasca River showed lots of deer and moose sign. Fortunately, the dogs ignored them.

 One going and one coming was the norm. Brooklyn kept slogging ahead, and Daphne kept running back to make sure I was tagging along.

Here is a snow shot of the Trestle Bridge across the Athabasca Flood Plain.

 Happy dog! Lots of snow to play in and things to smell, like deer poop, Moose poop and of course coyote scat.

 What can I say? Best friends forever?

 Poor Brooklyn is getting old, with arthritis developing in the front shoulders. She goes pretty well, enjoying a walk more than a run, but requires a day of rest to get over an outage like this. The grey face shows she is getting along in years.

 The end. (For now)

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