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Two things that horses are scared about:

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August 31, 2015

The Dog Days of Summer!

The summer is almost over and the crops are close to being harvested. 

 This  is our pumpkin etc. patch. It has produced far too many Zucchinis and now is getting close to Spaghetti Squash time. (see above) There are also many basketball size pumpkins in there. It is hard to see them due to the foliage. The benefits of well composed horse manure continue to amaze me.

 A trip to the dog park was in order today.Daphne chased the Kong until she dropped, then went for a swim, then back to the off leash section to dry off.

  When her tongue hits the ground, it's time for a rest!

 Brooklyn is, well, Brooklyn. She doesn't run much anymore but still loves to swim

 She has just lost the last of her winter hair. Go figure!


Alica said...

Too many zucchinis...that's and understatement perhaps! :) This year I had that problem. Usually mine die early, but not this time! How can it be fall already? Your dogs look happy and content!

Mary Ann said...

Did you grow "bush" pumpkins, your patch looks so tidy!

Bethany Carson said...

Ha! Our dog Ginger is a bit like Brooklyn, she finally gets her winter fur shed and summer coat on when it is starting to get cold again it seems! The dogs look like they had plenty of fun! Glad your garden grew well. Our cucumbers have been prolific--I think they must be somehow related to zucchinis. My mom plants cucumbers about once every three years and makes enough pickles to last about that long. We didn't have any zucchini this year, but a friend grew some. She made an interesting dish--"apple" pie made out of zucchinis! I still think real apple pie is better though; apple pie is hard to beat!

Gail said...

Feast or famine! There is always one crop a year that seems to outdo itself.

Fantastic pictures.

Sandra said...

Gail at the Farm sent me here to see your photos. I am about to buy a camera and she said you use a Canon . would you please let me know what yours is? your photos are wonderful and your sweet pups are to. i have a dog that is 14 plus and is not doing well.. dogs are my favorite of all 4 legged creatures but i love them all. my email is

TexWisGirl said...

your fur girls... :)