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July 30, 2015

My Camera

Some of you have been wondering about what camera I have been using. It is a Canon Power Shot XS50HD, with a non-removable lens. 

If you look at the right arrow at the tall tree, this is what the lens will do at maximum. It would be sharper if I had used a tripod.

 The left arrow shows what is in the nest.

All in all a good little camera for what I do.

#Note this is unsolicited by Canon


Gail said...

It certainly is!

A blessed evening to you and yours.

Michelle said...

I also use a Canon, though a digital DSLR. You are taking some great shots!!

Bethany Carson said...

I believe I use exactly the same camera--and I love it! The zoom is awesome!

Leigh said...

Interesting. I have a Canon Power Shot XS510HS and am not very happy with it at all. They must be similar (50 versus 510), but mine is very inconsistent with the shot quality. None of my zoomed photos look very crisp at all. I was thinking of going back to a Panasonic after the current camera dies. Maybe I'll look into the 50 instead.