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May 7, 2015

The Dog's Day Out

The dogs recovered from their river walk yesterday. I decided to try some higher ground at The Huestis Forest Interpretive area. It was still closed, but where there is a will to get around a gate, there is usually a way. I was hoping for some bear pictures, but didn't see any. That was fortunate since I left the bear spray at home.

 There was not much in way of wild life except for a couple of sparrows and a squirrel.
 The dogs started out real frisky and did lots of sniffing of coyote scat etc.
 Daphne spent most of her time running up to Brooklyn and then running back to make sure that I was still coming. Neither of them got out of sight and pretty much stayed on the roadway.
 There were lots of interpretive points that pointed out the changes (natural) the occur in the forest over time. Was that a squirrel? Did you see it? lets get it!
 About half way things started to slow down and time out was taken to have a drink.
 Daphne was interested in everything.
 Brooklyn really needed a drink. Can you guess what happened?
 Right on! She doesn't back up hills very well.
 Daphne kind of looked on.
 The dried out beaver pond was fun! They couldn't wait to go play in the mud!
 Now what to do?
 The beaver dam had to be eight feet high. It looks like the park folks dug it out. Why, I don't know. It used to be full of ducks, geese, etc.
 Now, it's even hard for a dog to swim.
 But swimming can be done if you slide in.
 When we started out, it was sunny with light clouds. By the time we finished, we were in a rain storm and then a snow storm. According to my pedometer (iphone app) I had taken 14,525 steps and covered 8.9 km. I think Daphne did at least twice that and Brooklyn about 1.5 times the distance. The tired dogs went to sleep as soon as we got home and they had their early dinner.
A good day!

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