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May 4, 2015

Getting Ready for Gardening

It's tough adjusting from 10 acres and a large garden to a town lot and a small garden, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I decided to go with raised beds as they warm up faster in the spring and are easier to weed

 So far it has taken 4 half ton loads of compost to fill them and I need at least one more load to finish them. There is also half a load of half inch screened rock around the patio stones in the walk ways. I put down gardening mesh to keep tree roots from coming up and to keep the grass from doing the same.
A quick look at one apple tree budding out. We got apples of it last year. Hopefully we will get some this year to.
 The second tree starting to bud out
 Our choke cherry tree is also popping leaves. I tried to get another one, but the nursery is not bringing anymore in due to a black knot blight that is taking it's tole. The Town Transfer Station stopped composing tree branches etc, for the same reason. Too much disease getting spread in the compost.
Wednesday we are anticipating another snow dump, so things could look a little different then. We normally don't plant seeds until mid June, other than nursery bought stuff that can be covered up, or brought in.
Only in Alberta, eh?
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