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June 21, 2014

Spa Day for the Princess

Bending down and combing Brooklyn for an hour every second day was kind of hard on the back, so I decided to take her to a doggie groomer for a bath, blow dry, and trim, with emphasis on removing the heavy undercoat that Retrievers get.. Note the long belly hair and excess leg hair. Nope, I did not opt for the wax job. :-}

The next three photos are the after shots. She looks a lot better and hopefully, a lot cooler.
It will be a shame to take her over to the park and swim her.
 Her coat is just like silk at the moment.
 Happy dog!


Texan said...

Yep these long haired breeds are a bit to keep up with! I am sure Brooklyn appreciates the day at the spa...She looks spiffy!

Keeper had a at home Spa day today.. whew, took honeyman and myself both to get him all brushed out, thin down the undercoat and a long trip through the shower! I had already done a trim down on his hair for the summer a week or so ago.

But he feels much better I am sure of it!

S. Etole said...

Beautiful dog. You can almost feel her soft coat.

TexWisGirl said...

her feet are so trimmed and neat! :)

The Dancing Donkey said...

She does look lovely. I subject Tanner to haircuts as well, although they never look quite so nice as that:)

peihome said...

She looked good before, what what a great 'after'! My dogs could use exactly that cut, too.

Terry said...

Retrievers are the sweetest dogs. She looks great.

MTWaggin said...

Sometimes it is worth it to let someone else do the labor.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

That is one nice looking dog