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Two things that horses are scared about:

1. Things that move
2. Things that don't move

May 14, 2014

Postponed again!

The surgery that I was to have had on May 26 was moved up to May 12. Just as I was getting mentally ( and physically) prepared, they moved it back to the 26th. Go figure.

There were a few things that got bounced up in the priority list to make it easier on Elaine, and myself when the operation does occur. First of all, I wanted to fence the yard so that the dogs could run free. This means no more ropes to tangle up, trees to wrap around etc. this also makes it much easier to let them in and out.

I had started deck repairs involving new plywood on top, a proper railing with balusters and proper handrails for Elaine.

I wanted a two way swing gate to make it easier getting a walker in and out. This I found at UFA at a reasonable price.

I only have about 4 more bays to complete the fencing which should be about 2 days worth of work. Many thanks go to my son Andrew who stopped in to visit from Houston, Texas and who dug the post holes, very carefully. I say very carefully, because the person who developed this subdivision, laid the power line for my neighbour right on the property line! The power company basically could not tell us how deep the line was, due to liability, even though their equipment would tell them.

Anyway, here is a shot facing the front. Today, about 8 swallows looked over the bird houses. Hopefully, some will nest.
After about 4 hours work, my maximum, a hot tub at the Millar Center and 3 Advil get my back into no pain mode. Almost done! Yeah!
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